Wendell Barba

8 Hobbyists On Being Epic & Doing Your Best

“Carpe Diem. Make your lives extraordinary.” This is one of the best lines from the movie, Dead Poets Society. We have the power to be great, if not the best, that we can be. Take it from these Hobbyists. Dare to be epic. And seize that moment when you felt that you shattered your own walls and went for it!

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[Rider Taokas Bikes Ph]

Owner of Team Barba Bikes, Dumaguete City

The sport that has become part of me is biking. I started when I was 13 years old and I was influenced by my father who was a great biker. He was also a skilled mechanic for a bike shop in our local area. Then I started downhill biking when I was 15 years old. It became a hobby. I can say that I have always loved physical activities that raised my adrenaline. I really love joining bike competitions and excelling & winning during events just make me feel more passionately about the sport.  I feel really happy being on a bike. My ultimate goal is to make bike parks similar to the Whistler Mountain Bike park in Canada. That would be awesome!!! Everyone would be encouraged to go biking. I would be able to share my talents and experiences in biking to everyone who is interested to learn as well.  It would be a where people who love biking gather. I have started to see my dreams in fruition, not only have I invited my friends over but I have made a lot of friends with it as well!