Cloyd B. Cogal

8 Hobbyists On Being Epic & Doing Your Best

“Carpe Diem. Make your lives extraordinary.” This is one of the best lines from the movie, Dead Poets Society. We have the power to be great, if not the best, that we can be. Take it from these Hobbyists. Dare to be epic. And seize that moment when you felt that you shattered your own walls and went for it!

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Civil Engineer, Sagay City Neg Occ, New Balamban Enterprise

I was not born a natural athlete. Tennis was my first love. I enjoy playing the sport but I am not a competitive player. When I was 23 years old, I was diagnosed with Hypertension. Since then, I wanted to be fit. I started doing boxing. The running part started when my boxing buddies invited me to join fun runs. So after each boxing session, we run in preparation for the event. As for triathlon, I was inspired by my friends who were already triathletes. I have always been impressed on how they do it and how can they endure for a very long time nder the scorching heat of the sun.  I dreamt someday of doing the same. First things first, I needed basic swimming lessons. I bought a bike and started to train regularly. I completed my first race in San Remigio on November 2014 with the encouragement of some friends from WS Tri Team. I was thrilled when I finished with relative ease and eventually got hooked with the sport since then.  Every month, I joined local races whenever I can and was a finisher at Tabuelan 111 and Cobra Iron Man 70.3. 

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Aside from finishing Cobra Ironman 70.3 which most triathletes prepared for, my other goal in mind is to beat my last years’ time in San Rem 8080 where it started it all. It was the first time I pushed myself hard enough, shaved 25 minutes off my last year time and got my first podium for my age group! Training always pays off. 

Despite my hectic schedule, and my need to travel from my hometown in Sagay City and Balamban, I still make time for my training. It is certainly doable if you just have the discipline, the willpower and being able to manage your time. So you see, I’m an average triathlete just like everyone else. Nothing comes easy. No shortcuts. Hardwork and training is always necessary for the race. But most of all you must love what you are doing. Bask in passion. Enjoy every race and the sweetest reward will come after.