Robinette Uy

8 Hobbyists On Being Epic & Doing Your Best

ā€œCarpe Diem. Make your lives extraordinary.ā€ This is one of the best lines from the movie, Dead Poets Society. We have the power to be great, if not the best, that we can be. Take it from these Hobbyists. Dare to be epic. And seize that moment when you felt that you shattered your own walls and went for it!



Mother & businesswoman

Mother & businesswoman, Dipolog City

Triathlon is the sport that has become a part of me. For years, I used to accompany my kids when they were still active in joining triathlon competitions. It was a family thing. When they decided to stop and focus on their studies, that's when I decided to give it a try. I used to swim when I was in high school being part of the intramurals until I was in college. I also played soccer baseball.

My first attempt was in Davao City. It was a 1km swim, 30km bike and 7.5km run. Coach Franz Baguio was supposed to be there to accompany my son on the swim leg, but he ended up swimming with me. I was so scared that I finished it in 30 mins! I was so happy to just even finish the race. After the first attempt, the rest was history. I was focused on joining more triathlon events. With 6 kids to attend to, I'm trying my best to train just to get a new PR. Though landing on the podium is a bonus, I know I need to run more to get there.

I have joined four half marathons up to date. My ultimate goal as of now is to run a full marathon and eventually register for an Ironman with my husband and friends. Well, maybe 3 years from now