JP Katigbak Benedicto

8 Hobbyists On Being Epic & Doing Your Best

“Carpe Diem. Make your lives extraordinary.” This is one of the best lines from the movie, Dead Poets Society. We have the power to be great, if not the best, that we can be. Take it from these Hobbyists. Dare to be epic. And seize that moment when you felt that you shattered your own walls and went for it!

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[Trail Runner and Triathlete]

Mayalan Insurance, Phils. 36, Bacolodnon based in Manila

I have always been on the big side ever since I was younger, but I was always very active in sports. I used to play a lot of golf when I was in highschool and in college. Though I stopped when I started working. When I was courting my wife, she was into running 10km races. I joined because I wanted to be with her.


Then one of my Bacolod friends started triathlon, I was hooked ever since! It has been a fun 5 years and counting. The moment I knew when I fell passionately in love with this lifestyle was at my first race. The NAGT Sprint Tri in Alabang last 2010 was so much fun I didn't feel tired until the run part. It was an overwhelming mix of emotions. The feeling of nervousness and anxiety while preparing my gear at the first transition before the start of the race, then trying to control this erupting excitement just before the gun went off, then just enjoying the race itself. I still get that same feeling until now. My ultimate goal is to finish a full Ironman distance. I am currently registered and training for the Kellogs Ironman New Zealand on March 5, 2016. Training is long and hard, but I am having fun because I am racing with friends and teammates.