Kate Dychangco-Anzani

8 Hobbyists On Being Epic & Doing Your Best

“Carpe Diem. Make your lives extraordinary.” This is one of the best lines from the movie, Dead Poets Society. We have the power to be great, if not the best, that we can be. Take it from these Hobbyists. Dare to be epic. And seize that moment when you felt that you shattered your own walls and went for it!


[Yogi & Runner]

Entrepreneur in the industry of the 3F's- Food Funerals and Fitness + wellness, Editor to Zee lifestyles food & Contributor to Olives UK, TV show host/Chef, change agent, CEBU

Acro-yoga and circuit training as a hobby keeps me mentally fit and physical in the use of muscles that don't normally get used on a daily basis on a semi-active lifestyle.

Muscle memory is a lethal thing. When your body gets used to one work out, it no longer is effective. I commit to a workout daily so that gets split between - hot yoga , acro-yoga & circuit training. In between, I run to break momentum of flexibility & focus and to get endurance.

Sports has always been a basic building block in my life for as long as I remember. In high school I played for the national tennis team to a point where my dreams were anchored in international tennis tournaments and making it a career. Then there was a badminton phase. At one point, it was then boxing and Muy Thai. It was an aggressive stage in my life. Lol!

Having matured a bit, my choice of sport needs to benefit my lifestyle and having to do a lot of decision making for the business daily and making life changing decisions for people, I started to look for a fitness program that would enhance brain activity/ sharpen the mind and the physical work of the body.

I honestly thought yoga was for passive people. Until I discovered personally the journey of personal strength in silence and meditation- learning self and being grounded and really putting out to the universe a sense of gratitude.

It's true what they say when you master self - the ego is gone and you just embrace life as it is. The ebb and flow of the journey- without fear. You allow blessings to flow freely and fluidly without aggression and anger. 
Yoga has shown benefits in all angles of my personal life and choices and has allowed me to focus on who I really am not what I'm wanting to be. Of course everyone is different 
Since I've trained from basic yoga to a more advance physical fitness program - I started seeing the benefits in my daily life! More muscles in places . A leaner me - flexible and really shining sense of heart and place in the sun.

I did the marathon in January - and the discipline of mind and the breathing helped me make it to the finish line. While other friends shared they needed a distraction - they started counting the people. I started getting into a trance/meditative state that the pain and the tired feet didn't matter.