We are a family who is a witness to the passion of athletes.  This FREE magazine is dedicated to professional athletes, coaches and photographers, where they take centerstage.

We are committed to giving hobbyists information and techniques directly from respected coaches so they may make their hobby and training more efficient.

We want to inspire a healthy lifestyle.  If we get one sedentary person to get up and get moving, then we can pat ourselves in the back, finally sleep soundly and say, "Job well done!".


We value integrity in all aspects that we do.  We are driven to our commitments, and we do our best to deliver.  We are guided by our Faith to see us through.

ENDORSEMENT NO. 2014-11-006

The Cebu City Government through the Cebu City Sports Commission highly endorses REDROCK LIFE MEDIA VENTURES, the sole publisher of TriLIFE MAGAZINE, a glossy, full-color, sports magazine dedicated to pros and hobbyists as a channel for information and techniques thereby enriching the community, by inspiring a healthy lifestyle to launch and distribute the first primer issue of their magazine that will focus on swim, bike, run and triathlon that will be circulated in the Visayas and Mindanao areas for free. Furthermore, the Commission would like to encourage all sports enthusiasts to give inputs that will be included in the said magazine.

Cebu City, November 27, 2014.
— Cebu City Sports Commission

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Photographer: Roy Delez

Event: Cebu City Marathon [2015]

Organizer: Run Rio

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