Xterra Danao Preparations Kicks Into Full Gear

Congressman Red Durano has given the thumbs up and all-out support to the upcoming Xterra Danao on April 27, 2017 here in Danao Cebu!


The Xterra Danao is a cross triathlon which is part of the Xterra Global Tour. International Xterra Pros are lined up to race in Cebu after a three-year stint of the event at Albay.

With the Local & Provincial governments working hand-in-hand, along with the Department of Tourism & Tourism Promotions Board, the race is said to be technical, yet welcoming to beginners. 

Princess Galura of Sunrise Events, Inc. applauded the sincere passion and support of the host city. As this brings Danao to a whole new level in international sports tourism, the city is not new to hosting such events. Asian Mountainbike Championships (UCI - Union Cycliste Internationale) would not have been held here if it wasn't an impressive route.

Not only is Danao a go-to destination for ASEAN Cycling Cups, but it has a rich history of mountainbiking.  The sport has been at home here since the 1980s and in the next three years, the Xterra will call Danao as its home.

With all Xterra race courses, every experience is different with the Bike Course as its heart.  In this one, it will be an xtrain combo of single tracks, technical downhill and easy rides.  The athletes will go through sand, grass and cement.  The terrain is forgiving to amateurs but challenging to those who want to push it.  One can ride the course depending on one's handling skills. A video of the bike route will be released a week before the event to acquaint participants with the course.

As for the Swim Leg, it will be at Coco Palms Resort, Sabang. The water is deep which means the water is calm. There is no time limit for the swim everyone will finish, unlike that of the Ironman 70.3 races which have time limits per leg. 

The run course is mountainous - it goes up and down - again and again.

The safety of participants is crucial.  The local government will take all measures to make sure that this will be a safe and enjoyable race.  Staging of the Xterra Triathlon may be more detailed and expensive but the passion of the athletes fuels this effort.  

As Danao introduces the participants to their Karansa Festival, the Welcome Dinner and Carboloading will delight all senses. Accommodation in local resorts and hostels, and perhaps a camping ground will be made available by the LGU. 

Photo from the Cebu Provincial Government

Photo from the Cebu Provincial Government

The Xterra Danao will be geared towards creating, not only international sports tourists, but hopefully become a sustainable course for local to treat it as a bike park.  After the event, cycling enthusiasts can visit the course and enjoy a relaxing bike ride in its natural element, or perhaps practice for the next races to come.