Triathlon Team Shares Life Passions with Organique Açaí

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As a company in continuous pursuit of promoting 􀃶tness and wellbeing, Organique unremittingly looks for more ways to reach out and support fellow health enthusiasts in different 􀃶elds. For the 􀃶rst time since the company started, Organique has decided to partner with a group of athletes to represent what the company and product stand for.

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Coming from different backgrounds, the Organique Triathlon Team started from a group of friends sharing the same life passions – health, wellness and sports – and these interests brought them together and bonded them for life. Composed of 20 individuals coming from different backgrounds, the members came together with a common goal of creating awareness and promoting good health through active lifestyle and proper diet. Although sports may just be a hobby for some, for the team, it had been their goal to always go beyond their previous achievements at the same time help and continue encouraging and inspiring each other. For them, coming together is a beginning, keeping it together is progress but more importantly, working together is success. Aside from regular trainings which the team does, the members also compete in different races individually and as a group. The team’s biggest achievement by far under Organique is the recently concluded Dipolog 104 Triathlon. Although they encountered obstacles and challenges along the way, the triathletes proved to be tough and strong by ultimately pulling through and even 􀃶nished strong as a team. The Organique Triathlon Team proudly ranked third the overall team ranking which is a big honor as they were competing with the other top teams in the country.

As a support to the team, Organique is happy to share the different bene􀃶ts of the products that are very helpful to athletes. Being primarily based from açaí berries, Organique Açaí products boasts of very high amount of antioxidants which improves the immune system. The product also contains numerous vitamins and minerals like Magnesium which helps in maintenance of nerves, muscles and bones; Vitamin B-Complex which provides energy throughout the day and Ribo􀃸avin which aids in energy production. Being very active, The Organique Triathlon Team bene􀃶ts a lot from all the nutrients that the product provides and aids them in achieving more while continuously inspiring others.