Press Con: GIRO D'LUCA [2016]


The 2016 edition of Giro D'Luca is set on May 19-22 and the organizers, as well as the cyclists, are ready and rearing to go! 

From 10 participants to this year's 400, the fun ride is a celebration for the cycling enthusiast patriarch of the Guidicelli Family, Gianluca.  The five hundred kilometers route through beautiful scenic Bohol features all a professional race has - from Bellevue Bohol's premiere class setting, to medic escorts per group, commemorative F2P jerseys and recovery meals, yet still maintains it's non-competitive setting.  It is a fun ride after all.  Cyclists will be amongst peers from all over the country, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia, along with Professional athlete Justin Granger, retired athlete Belinda Granger, & actor Matteo Guidicelli.

Gianluca Guidicelli receiving a special birthday message from Sunrise Events Inc. President, Mr. Fred Uytengsu.

Gianluca Guidicelli receiving a special birthday message from Sunrise Events Inc. President, Mr. Fred Uytengsu.

The organizer, Sunrise Events Inc., has been known to provide top shelf races for the participants and their families, and Giro D'Luca is one that has shown to be a must-race.  This year, new features await the cyclists.  Body marking and bike labelling has been added.  To make the rides safer, Speed Waves have been set.  With the cyclists' own choosing, they can join one of four waves each day:

  • 30kph and above 
  • 25kph - 29kph
  • 21kph - 24kph
  • 20kph and below

The course will have new features as well:

  • Day 1 - 200km is mostly flat, going through coastal roads with only a maximum of 50m above sea level as the highest point

Bellevue - Panglao - Baclayon - Guindulman and back

  • Day 2 - 152km involves a lot of climbing and is the most scenic route - going towards the Chocolate Hills, the Man-made Forest, and the famous cathedrals and Loboc River.  The highest point is about 200m above sea level.

Bellevue - Main Island - Baclayon - Interior Areas - Corella - Loboc - Carmen and back

  • Day 3 - 132km is a different route from last year's.  This is where cyclists need to stick together as would go through busy streets.  Since there are road repairs, cyclists need to note of any changes announced on the day.

Bellevue - Tagbilaran Town Proper - Maribojoc - Tubigon and back


Tourism Director Rowena Monticello has given the department's all out support & logistics for the fun and safe ride.  She notes that sports tourism, along with agri-tourism, is a vital direction our country is taking, especially when we have so much to offer on this regard.  

With this, the cyclists will definitely have the time of their lives.  The three-day 500-km ride will be capped off with a feast and those completing the entire distance gets the prize of wearing his own Yellow Jersey!

Ride. Live. Celebrate!

Happy Birthday Capo!