The Austria eXtreme Triathlon - Discover your limits!


If you want to test your limits and experience an adventure with like-minded people in a magnificent landscape, you can book an expedition to the Himalayas, the desert or the jungle. Triathletes have another option: they can participate in the Austria eXtreme Triathlon.


Dawn in the river floodplain south of Graz. The Austria eXtreme Triathlon starts with a jump into the Mur river, where the water temperature remains below 14 degrees Celsius even in mid-summer. The combination of cold, darkness and the current become the first test. At least the distances now waiting for the athletes are familiar: 3.8 km river swimming, 186 km cycling, 44 km running, corresponding roughly to a long-distance triathlon. Very soon, however, it becomes clear that these numbers are only the basis for the true challenges. First, the bike route leads over the cols Gaberl and Sölkpass, with an altitude difference just slightly under 4.000 meters. Second, the running track leads over 1.800 vertical meters, finishing on mountain trails high up under the south wall of the Dachstein. The track features sweltering heat, icy cold and snow fields - but also fantastic scenery, pure nature from the pasture landscape to the high mountains.

The Austria eXtreme Triathlon is therefore not comparable to traditional triathlons. Organizer Maria Schwarz sums up the most important difference: "You can only face this huge challenge as a team. Athletes and their supporters have to work closely together, the supporters have to run with their athletes for the final trail section of the race. The friendship between the competitors is also unique, as it no longer exists at major events. "

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The 4th Austria eXtreme Triathlon will take place on June 23, 2018. The registration for the starter field, limited to 125 places, is currently open. As in recent years, athletes from 30 nations are expected, including New Zealand, South Africa and China. As always, sharing the experience of an extremely tough but beautiful day will be the main focus. And as in the last few years, probably all finishers will remember this day according to its motto: "It will change your life". Just like an expedition to the Himalayas, the desert or the jungle.

photo credit by Austria eXtreme Triathlon

photo credit by Austria eXtreme Triathlon