Make It Happen

In the endless persuit to become what we’ve always wanted to be - be it emotional, mental, physical, or social, we put in the effort on a daily basis. Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes it doesn’t. But one ingredient to becoming the best we can be - is to make it happen. Although there are so many external and internal forces that could hinder us to achieve our goal, saying YES and doing it is always the first step. This issue is for the community’s inner superhero - that no matter what the obstacle, the hope and perseverance will always come through - and may be rewarded in the end. When all else fails, we become nothing less than a better person from where we started. Enjoy every bit of what life has to offer, and be who you want to be! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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Ironman 70.3 Special

With the honor of having the first ever Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship held outside Australia and New Zealand, our small island has reaped the benefits of tourism, trade, and a surge of new triathletes.  This issue is dedicated to the hardworking organizers, volunteers, LGUs and sponsors behind the event, and to the healthier fitter community!

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[T]ogether [E]veryone

[A]chieves [M]ore

We put a huge importance on teamwork.  It does make challenges possible, struggles bearable, and triumphs more ecstatic.  This issue is dedicated to our support crew, the ones who lifts us up when we need it.  Life is more beautiful if shared, afterall.  We are thankful for this unified community that we have.

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You Will be Epic

A personal mantra for all of us to use - be it at work, sports, love or LIFE! In our quest for a brilliant career; in aspiring to be the best person that is a positive addition to the world.  Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.  This issue is dedicated to you! You can be epic!

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Focus & Gratitude

This issue is dedicated to the kids who juggle academics & sports - who show us that even with obligations, we can excel in our chosen passions; and to the differently-abled athletes & hobbyists who inspire us through hope & gratitude to take on obstacles no matter what.

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Competitive Racing

For your competitive side - our favorite PROs and athletes gives us their top tips to train efficiently & race our best.  In this issue, we salute our SEA Games athletes who made us proud as they successfully represented our country in the races.

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The Movers & Shakers

This is a tribute to the people behind events.  Without them, our hobby wouldn't have turned into passion & athletes into elites.  It spotlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things, challenging themselves and challenging what is customary.

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New Year, New You

Our maiden issue is dedicated to the hobbyists, who turn into athletes in their own right! There is always that first step - towards a goal of getting healthier, of being fitter, of having fun.  We salute you on your lifelong pursuit of becoming a better you!

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